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Abbey Mill, Tintern

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Chepstow Show

Roll up, roll up, roll up.  Get your Tombola tickets here. 

Plenty of wonderful prizes.  Beer to drink, shampoo to make your hair curl, chocolates to enjoy, and bottles to make you smell nice in the bath. 

Such was the cry from the Rotarians as they promoted their Tombola tickets to the crowds at Saturdays Chepstow Show.   

Over 200 prizes had been donated by Chepstow Rotary club members and every single one of them was won during the day.  In addition, a box of smaller prizes was provided from which accompanied children could choose an additional gift, which they did with a smile.  

The sellers were accompanied by the sound of a barrel organ that was built by Rotarian Geoff MORRISS who fed the paper rolls though the device all day long. 

The members enjoyed a private lunch in the tent, both provided by Rotarian Chris RASTALL of Abbey Mill, and this helped the day along. 

The Chepstow Club are now recruiting new members and leaflets were handed out at the show. 

The sun shone and the Club had a successful day raising some £500, every penny of which will be passed to Rotary charities and good causes, both local and international.  [See photographs]

1st Autumn Wye Run

With a cool breeze and a clear blue sky the weather was ideal for the first of the autumn Wye Run events organised by the Chepstow Rotary Club 

The cars lined up at Chepstow Garden Centre, and having parked, the competitors immediately scuttled inside for a rewarding bacon sandwich and coffee after their early start.  With teams from as far apart as Cardiff and Devizes, Cheltenham and Weston there was a very interesting mix of vehicles. 

A Model-T Ford with very strangely dressed passengers towered over the modern cars while the stately Armstrong-Siddeley in red and black seemed very long by modern standards.  A gleaming silver Morgan, an eye-catching two-tone Citroen Traction Avant and a bright VW Camper with a throaty engine all added to the interest.  Roger Evans brought his immaculate Austin A35 and there was a clutch of very cosseted MG sports cars too.  A beautiful Austin Healey Sprite lined up with a bouncy, plum-coloured Citroen 2CV.   

And they were off.  Launched at 1 minute intervals by the Rotary Marshalls the cars sped off into the depths of the Monmouthshire countryside following their junction-by-junction navigation instructions.  They all completed The Run where the finish was at the Rotary stand within The Big Welsh Car Show.   

This autumn event was the second Rotary Wye Run of 2017 and organised to co-incide with the Bloodline Welsh Car Show.

Bloodwise had sought the support of Rotary who were pleased to arrange a second run that would finish at this major event.  

The autumn Run was therefore shorter that the Rotary Spring event to ensure that participants had plenty of time to enjoy the car show.   

Smiling faces showed that this had been a really enjoyable day and The Rotary Cub was thanked by the entrants for organising this second special event.  As always with Rotary, all of the moneys received are to be donated to Rotary charities.  If you are interested in joining or supporting your local Rotary club please contact us. [See photographs]

Programmes now on sale at:

Miles Morgan Travel High Street Chepstow

Tintern Abbey, Tintern

Anchor Inn, Tintern

Kick start the Festive Season at

For more details click here:


By the time you read this, the Rotary Club of Chepstow & District  together with Mathern Village will have planted 5000 purple crocuses by the side of the paths, verges and embankments at our churches and Mathern village

The crocuses have been supplied by the Chepstow & District Rotary Club.

The crocuses are part of the Rotary’s END POLIO NOW campaign, Rotary purchases the crocuses, to visually publicize the results of our campaign.

Polio is a crippling disease in many cases leading to death, or the person being disabled for life.

Rotary started the campaign in 1985 when Rotarians in the Philippines noticed a more than average number of children catching Polio, they decided to pay for immunisation. This caught on and Rotary decided to attempt to eradicate Polio as a Global project. All Rotarians were asked to contribute at least $100 per year each year..

At that time there were over 250,000 cases per year. Massive immunisation campaigns were launched in Central and South America, China, India and the Far East.

 So why purple? This represents a “Purple Pinky”, the name given to the little finer dipped in a purple dye by a child who has been immunised against polio. The reason behind this is quite simple in many countries immunisation takes place in villages where there are no child medical records, the only way you can tell if a child has been immunised in a session is by sight of the Purple Pinky, for example in 1996 Rotary families, friends and co workers immunised 21 million children in one day.

The Gates Foundation (Bill and Linda Gates) impressed with the work of Rotary came on board a few years ago and match every pound we raise by two.

We ARE NEARLY THERE. Between January and May 2017 there were 3 cases worldwide this year, unfortunately this has risen to 10, spread mostly by war and the free movement of people around the globe.

If anybody would like to donate to this cause please contact the Chepstow & District Rotary Club, and let us look forward to the crocuses next year and hope we are nearer to achieving our goal. [See Photographs ]