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Rotary Shoebox Appeal 2017

The national Rotary Shoebox Scheme provides packages for the unfortunate children and foster parents in the infamous orphanages of eastern Europe.  We provide empty boxes to 12 of our local schools  and over the term they fill the boxes with articles for the children or their "carers/parents".


In addition Rotary clubs and Churches from our neighbouring District also complete shoeboxes

They include simple items as a bar of soap, a toothbrush, a soft toy, a notepad and pencil etc and then write their name on the outside and to whom it is intended, such as "Young girl" or "Old lady" since we try not to forget the elderly who care for many of these poor children. 

The boxes are then collected by Rotarians and shipped direct to Eastern Europe where they are distributed by Rotarians, and charities known to Rotary e.g. Hope & Homes


We believe that in this way, with the guidance of their teachers, our children gain some appreciation of others who are severely deprived, many of which are also ill, and, as we approach Christmas we are all reminded of those less fortunate than ourselves. 


The Chepstow & District Rotary Club has collected no less than 1000 filled shoeboxes this year and these will be loaded for despatch this coming week

Rotary wish to extend a big Thank You to all the local schools, churches and Rotary Clubs that have supported the shoebox appeal.. 

If you are interested in supporting Rotary with this and other worthwhile community projects simply visit  for details.


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School Awards 2017

Every year Chepstow & District Rotary give a school award to the Secondary schools to distribute to pupils who the school deem to be worthy of an award either by Achievement or progress.

On 6 December President Rtn David Burr presented two awards to students of Wyedean School and Sixth Form during award giving evening in st Mary’s Church Chepstow.

MayaTyrrell received the award for Key Stage 4 Overall achievement, and Jade Storey for Key Stage 4 Overall progress.

On 28 November 2017 President Rtn David Burr presented to Cyro Phipps a Rotary Service Recognition Award  award for work with the Chepstow School  friendship Group.                                         

  [ See Photographs]

Paul Harris Fellows

It is with great pleasure and honour that  on 12 December 2017 I was able to present to two fellow Rotarians  the Paul Harris Fellow Award.

The two members Past President Rtn Frank Sainsbury and Honorary Rotarian Barry Hopkinson.

Both have worked extremely  hard over the past years for the benefit of others and wholeheartedly deserved the award.

 [ See  Photographs]

                                                                                         Rtn David Burr, President


By the time you read this, the Rotary Club of Chepstow & District  together with Mathern Village will have planted 5000 purple crocuses by the side of the paths, verges and embankments at our churches and Mathern village

The crocuses have been supplied by the Chepstow & District Rotary Club.

The crocuses are part of the Rotary’s END POLIO NOW campaign, Rotary purchases the crocuses, to visually publicize the results of our campaign.

Polio is a crippling disease in many cases leading to death, or the person being disabled for life.

Rotary started the campaign in 1985 when Rotarians in the Philippines noticed a more than average number of children catching Polio, they decided to pay for immunisation. This caught on and Rotary decided to attempt to eradicate Polio as a Global project. All Rotarians were asked to contribute at least $100 per year each year..

At that time there were over 250,000 cases per year. Massive immunisation campaigns were launched in Central and South America, China, India and the Far East.

 So why purple? This represents a “Purple Pinky”, the name given to the little finer dipped in a purple dye by a child who has been immunised against polio. The reason behind this is quite simple in many countries immunisation takes place in villages where there are no child medical records, the only way you can tell if a child has been immunised in a session is by sight of the Purple Pinky, for example in 1996 Rotary families, friends and co workers immunised 21 million children in one day.

The Gates Foundation (Bill and Linda Gates) impressed with the work of Rotary came on board a few years ago and match every pound we raise by two.

We ARE NEARLY THERE. Between January and May 2017 there were 3 cases worldwide this year, unfortunately this has risen to 10, spread mostly by war and the free movement of people around the globe.

If anybody would like to donate to this cause please contact the Chepstow & District Rotary Club, and let us look forward to the crocuses next year and hope we are nearer to achieving our goal.

 [See Photographs ]

 Tintern Abbey Torchlight Carol Service 2017

On Saturday 02 December the Chepstow Rotary Club staged the annual Torchlight Carol Service at Tintern Abbey.  This most popular family event is always well supported and this year over 475 attended the celebration.  


Families started arriving from 4.30 and by 5pm the supporting Monmouth Rotarian marshals reported that the car parks were beginning to fill. 

Families gathered in The Anchor pub where they warmed up prior to the event.  After lighting their flaming torches and illuminating their light sticks the people formed a very, very long procession on the road adjacent to the Anchor Inn

At precisely 6pm the assembly, led by the Reverend  Andrew Webster of Chepstow Methodist Church, slowly marched off, up the road.  Once inside the Abbey grounds the column filed down the outside of the south wall on this cool evening  to the voices of the Wyedean School Choir that rose from within those ancient ruins. 

The buzz of the crowd had changed entirely into a hushed reverence for the sounds and the sights of our beautiful Tintern Abbey.  Then, as people entered the main Abbey building in an unfamiliar direction through the east door, one heard the gasps of the children as they saw those ancient walls illuminated from within and the view of the choir assembled on the dais at the far end. 

As this Christmas service was led by Reverend Webster, carols were sung with much energy, lessons read with passion and there was a genuine feeling of goodwill towards one another throughout. 

Rotary President David Burr thanked everyone for coming to the event and made an appeal for donations to Rotary charities that support causes in our own community.  

He wished everyone a very happy Christmas.  The service was closed by Reverend Webster after which the assembly exited the Abbey and dispersed into the darkness. The Christmas celebrations had certainly started well.  

The event raised over £3,200 and after all expenses were paid, including programme printing, the flambes, light sticks and St John's Ambulance, the club was able to add over £2,100 to its charity fund. 

In 2018 the Rotary Torchlight Carol Service will be held once again on the first  01 December 2018, commencing at 6pm